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Article: Week 1: Fuel Your Body

Week 1: Fuel Your Body


DISCLAIMER: Food can be a sensitive topic for certain individuals for a myriad of reasons. If you find it difficult to hear about healthy eating and eating patterns, we suggest you skip this week’s intention and come back next week— we’ll be here. 

Do you believe you are what you eat? You might notice when you eat a certain way that your body feels a certain way—when you eat healthily, you feel energized. When you eat poorly, you feel deflated. This isn’t always the case, but it can be. “Eat healthily” is something we’ve heard since childhood, but everyone’s bodies are different and eating healthy won’t solve things like genetic issues. Everyone’s definition of healthy is different, and fuelling your body with what it needs isn’t universal. In this article, some of the benefits of healthy eating are highlighted and include: having a positive impact on your mental health and helping to maintain a healthy (a subjective term) body weight. Eating healthy isn’t something that can always come naturally to us, so it’s important to learn to understand our bodies and the way we eat so we can be feeding it with the nutrients it deserves.

What someone else considers healthy might not work for you and that’s ok. If sweets are your thing, this article offers some snacks you can eat to get your body going like chocolate chia seed pudding and apples and peanut butter (a classic.) While the treats seem inherently sweet, but they’re healthier alternatives to their sugar-loaded counterparts. But don’t worry, it’s totally ok to have that cookie —these are just suggestions to get your mind thinking about the alternative ways to get the sugar high. There is no use in feeling bad about the things you eat unless it becomes an unhealthy cycle. If it does, please seek professional help or a nutritionist who can guide you. Do what feels right. The way you eat is not the same way your friend or partner or parent eats. Be mindful of your eating habits and feel good about them.

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