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Article: July: Nourish Yourself

July: Nourish Yourself

Do you take care of yourself? Sometimes, taking care of ourselves can be intuitive and consistent, or difficult and stressful. But at some point, it’s one of those inevitable feelings you have to give into. Whether it’s eating the right food, connecting spiritually or walking around barefoot on the grass (trust us) —connecting with yourself in any way is an important form of mental and physical nourishment. No matter your process, our intention this month is to focus on finding your footing in the vein of nourishing yourself.

Throughout the month of July, we’ll be exploring different tools you can use to nourish and treat your mind, body, soul and spirit well.

Week 1: Fuel Your Body

Week 2: Social Media Reset

Week 3: Get Outside

Week 4: Explore Your Spirituality

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