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Article: Week 1: Stretches For All

Week 1: Stretches For All

We all stretch, we’ve been practicing basic stretches all our lives. It’s low impact and gets the blood flowing. What we love most is how it’s so easy to sneak it into any time of the day and adjust the level of intensity. We’re no experts on stretching but we did do a little digging to find various stretches that are inclusive, for beginners, and can be done alone or with help. 

If strenuous stretching is not your thing and you’re often sitting – we found this article that breaks down 5 different seated stretches that each target a different area. It’s ideal for releasing a little bit of tension and improving flexibility. For those who are bedridden, we found this article that shares a few easy stretches to help increase blood flow. 

We also did a little weekly challenge in 2020 on stretching in your sweats – if you want to sneak in a little movement between a movie marathon then this post is for you.

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