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Article: Week 1: Take the Time to Adjust

Week 1: Take the Time to Adjust

This sounds so simple but for folks who are caught in the hustle or already chronically stressed, we just want change to happen quickly and as painlessly as possible. Sometimes we forget that some we are allowed to take time to adjust. Change is difficult, no matter how good or bad, there’s always an odd period where we have to re-situate ourselves. The stability from our past is gone and we’re faced with something novel - and it’s true, all we need is time. When you find yourself in a new situation take the time to reflect and become aware of how you’re feeling. Take stock of your environment and don’t feel the pressure to react in any way. We love this article on HBR on ‘How To Get Better At Dealing With Change’ by Nick Tasler. An oldie but a goodie, and one we stick by in the face of change.

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