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Article: Week 2: Lymphatic Massages

Week 2: Lymphatic Massages

Our lymphatic system runs through our whole body and with it lymph nodes - which exist throughout the body to keep our immune system healthy. The main function of the system is to remove any toxins from our body. Most recently it’s become a trend to help it out by doing lymphatic massages - the massages are aimed at draining unwanted toxins from our body.

The idea is to keep the lymphatic system healthy and active. Kind of like how stretching keeps our muscles active. Check out this article to learn more about lymphatic massages and why it might be for you. The process is easy (once you get a hang of it) and pain free. Often exercises require gentle taps or slow repeated motions where lymph nodes are located.

Interested in trying this at home? We found an article on The Cut by Kathleen Hou that shows us step by step on how to do a facial massage at home. To try a body lymphatic massage this article has a detailed guide on how to do so at home.

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