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Article: Week 3: Facial Exercises

Week 3: Facial Exercises

So far, we’ve looked at stretching to give our muscles a little wake-up call and last week we looked into how we could apply lymphatic massages into our routine. This week, we found another way to get your body moving and if you choose to do this in front of a mirror or to in front of someone in your household - you’re bound to get a laugh out of it. 

We’re always stretching our bodies but it’s almost too easy to forget how many small muscles are in our face. This week we’ll be exploring facial exercises - and yes there are some beauty benefits to this as well. 

Facial exercises have been a huge trend as of late and like most trends, it’s not new. The main benefits that appeal to people are the effects it has on lifting the face and promoting firmer, tighter skin. These are the outcome of strengthening the muscles in our face. This article on Byrdie touches on this and gives you a few exercises for strengthening your facial muscles. 

For a full facial yoga routine – in this video, Ranjana Khan teaches us her entire facial routine that helps her relax and look good too. I personally love the part where she shows us yoga for our eyes, for someone who always sits in front of a screen I found it helpful. Like she says, “it just gives your eyes a little bit of moisture and a break.” I paraphrased a bit.  

Not fully convinced if this is for you? Check out this article on Well + Good to see if this is for you!

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