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Article: Week 4: Breath work

Week 4: Breath work

After such a long and hard year, and as we continue to face so many challenges in our world - we are still dealing with feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety and confusion. Over the past year, we’ve been given so many different tools to help manage these difficult feelings with one of the main methods being meditation. Meditation comes in many forms and the experience can vary depending on our approach but while we were looking at ways to release and refresh our bodies there is no better place to start than with the breath.

Breath work is a form of meditation with an emphasis on the way we breathe. The intention is to focus on our body, breathe in and as we exhale the breath - to release anything we’ve been holding. This article on Mind Body Green, highlights how breath work encourages us to disconnect from our thoughts and shares a few techniques that we can practice at home. Another great article on breath work on Mind Body Green that can give you more information on breath work with a teacher and the benefits in it.

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