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Article: Week 2: Platonic Friendships

Week 2: Platonic Friendships

While we’re always taught to celebrate romantic love and to see it as the deepest relationship that we can have in our lives. Platonic relationships can be just as deep. Instead of a romantic aspect to it, there is a focus on growing spiritually and emotionally together. Similar to friendships, platonic relationships make us feel seen and heard, and like friendships, platonic relationships lack sexual intimacy. These people are ultimately good friends, who are unafraid of being honest with you. You trust that their advice for you is made with your best interest in mind, they respect you, your decisions, and vice versa. In this way, platonic love requires a higher-level commitment to each other compared to friendships.

There is work in maintaining the relationship, this could look like setting boundaries with each other and seriously investing time into each other. This article on the Greatist goes a little deeper into what platonic intimacy looks like. 

Overall, Building platonic relationships and adding them to your mix of connections can improve your emotional and physical well-being, this article from The New York Times mentions that friendships, in general, can “boost the immune system and increase longevity”. Read more about the health benefits of a platonic relationship, here.

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