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Article: Week 3: Think Presently

Week 3: Think Presently

With the chaos of the world swirling around us, being in the moment might feel difficult and rob us of enjoying our life. One of the best ways to take some control when you feel mentally scattered is to slow down. When we take the time to slow down, our mind can process things better and our reactions can be more genuine. If you tend to overthink things or have many sporadic thoughts, this might be more difficult for you—we get it. This article from Psychology Today breaks down six steps to living in the moment. Take your time with learning to retrain your mindset to be more mindful of your everyday life instead of getting upset about what has or hasn’t happened. When you learn to accept your current reality, it becomes easier to move forward. Accepting your thoughts for what they are, can let you live more comfortably, say what’s on you’re feeling and become ok with what you can’t change. Thinking presently can feel overwhelming because it feels like we’re forgetting something—there’s uncertainty and a lack of control. Rather than trying to grab hold of the situation, go with your initial gut feeling or thought—it’s almost always the right one. Over time, this practise will allow you to feel more comfortable with yourself and exist in life. 

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