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Article: Monday Must: Supporting Trans Youth

Monday Must: Supporting Trans Youth

I’m Susan Maasch, the Director of Trans Youth Equality Foundation (TYEF).

At TYEF, we offer amazing resources for trans youth, their families, and those who love them. Check us out to learn about our popular summer camps, resources, and services. We also have book lists for trans youth and their parents. We love to advocate in schools, courts and families. 

Get involved locally

Learn what your local/regional trans youth organizations are doing, consider donating or volunteering your time to help.

Ask their preferred pronouns

Use a trans youth's correct pronoun and name. If you don’t know just ask them. Most youth would rather be asked than other the wrong thing.

Be inclusive

One of the most simple things to do is be inclusive in your work, school, life, and faith communities. You can do this by using inclusive language like "everyone can join us," instead of "boys and girls join us.” Expand your gender markers on forms, changing them to boy, girl, non-binary, and other, or male, female, non-binary, other. Always let youth fill out what expresses their true selves—many businesses and colleges do this now.


Do some research about trans youth whether you feel you know one or not, trans youth are part of our communities and we want all youth to feel welcome and understood.

Take action

Jump in and stand up for transgender youth and adults if unkind things are said so that trans youth have a better chance to grow up in a safe and accepting world!

Check out TYEF at

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