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Article: Week 4: Share Your Most Recent Achievements

Week 4: Share Your Most Recent Achievements

We’re back at the humblebrag. Is your answer still the same as when we started this month? This article from Real Simple breaks down why the humblebrag is frowned upon in our society and how to be a “good bragger.” Sometimes, for women bragging is seen as a negative thing, whereas for men, it’s seen as a confident gesture—the patriarchy is always at work. Regardless of your gender, having the space to acknowledge your achievements can be important for one’s ego. We want to feel validated and valued by ourselves or our peers—don’t underplay your excitement for the fear of being judged. However, be cautious of who you’re talking to, and how you talk about your success. Being aware of someone and their situation might make your success look like gloating. As long as you’re aiming to be genuine, celebrating your good moments shouldn’t be a bad thing.

To take it a step further, try making a list of your most recent achievements and share them with someone you love, who won’t judge you. Being able to find a support system that lifts you up and celebrates your accomplishments with you is one of the most important elements of being celebrating yourself. 

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